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Sr. No. Title Document
61 Multiplex real time PCR testing kit for the simultaneous detection of hepatitis virus application/pdf(148.31 KB)
62 Herbal formulation for the treatment of Typhoid fever and preparation thereof application/pdf(21.94 KB)
63 Measles IgM ELISA Kit application/pdf(30.13 KB)
64 A novel Salmonella Typhi protein as subunit vaccine application/pdf(26.84 KB)
65 Superior and simple method to isolate very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) without the Use of Flow Cytometry application/pdf(25.07 KB)
66 Rare earth activated phosphor compounds and the process of preparation of phosphors there of application/pdf(27.64 KB)
67 Biocidal composition for controlling mosquito propagation application/pdf(383.03 KB)
68 A composition useful for identification of microorganism of interest application/pdf(27.89 KB)
69 Probes and primers for identification of Mycobacterial protein useful as potential drug targets application/pdf(23.05 KB)
70 Macrofilaricidal composition for the treatment of filariasis application/pdf(25.8 KB)


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