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Sr. No. Title Document
51 A novel molecular diagnostic technique for detecting different species of Plasmodium application/pdf(95.41 KB)
52 A box trainer for neuro-endoscopy application/pdf(95.54 KB)
53 Neuro-Drill-Stencil-Trainer. application/pdf(100.52 KB)
54 Albuminated Curcumin for application in cancer therapy. application/pdf(156.72 KB)
55 Fibrin wafer/disc as a biological carrier for sustained delivery of Curcumin application/pdf(168.78 KB)
56 Flyash based mosquito larvicidal formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis application/pdf(173.27 KB)
57 Improved process for the production of Cyclosporin A using the fungus Tolypocladium sp application/pdf(307.21 KB)
58 Herbal Immersion Oil for Microscopy application/pdf(180.47 KB)
59 Nano-engineered biodegradable polymer-composite for bone soft tissue fixation application/pdf(129.82 KB)
60 A compound, Transitmycin, effective against bacterial and viral pathogens application/pdf(121.23 KB)


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