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Sr. No. Title Document
21 ELISA for Rotavirus. application/pdf(12.94 KB)
22 A process for pot staining of sputum for detection of Acid fast Bacilli. application/pdf(136.45 KB)
23 Recombinant ELISA for the diagnosis of Leptospirosis. application/pdf(10.01 KB)
24 A herbal insecticidal composition. application/pdf(171.45 KB)
25 Multi-Angular Viewer for identification of mosquito species. application/pdf(11.76 KB)
26 Formulations for prevention and therapy of sexually transmitted infection including HIV. application/pdf(135.82 KB)
27 A cycle rickshaw based on ergonomic principles. application/pdf(94.08 KB)
28 Expanded Polystyrene beads (EPS) based application in Tamil Nadu rural sector as an adjunct to Mass Drug Administration (MDA) to reduce and sustain vector density and transmission rates in filariasis. application/pdf(9.05 KB)
29 Novel noninvasive method for diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis of sputum samples. application/pdf(10.52 KB)
30 PCR based diagnosis for visceral leishmaniasis from Urine samples. application/pdf(10.05 KB)


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