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Sr. No. Title Document
1 Multiplex PCR assay detection of Y chromosome micro deletions application/pdf(12.32 KB)
2 Method and kit for detection of hemophilia A and von willebrand disease (VWD) application/pdf(30.55 KB)
3 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard for Physically Handicapped. application/pdf(24.58 KB)
4 Test/ Reagents for lung fluke useful for differential diagnosis from lung TB application/pdf(8.71 KB)
5 Personal cooling garment system application/pdf(9.23 KB)
6 Dried Blood spot (DBS) -collection kit for sub-clinical deficiency of Vitamin A application/pdf(8.99 KB)
7 ELISA for Ferritin as marker for assessing bioavilability of iron using Caco-2 cell application/pdf(8.79 KB)
8 A device for visualizing the precancerous and cancer lesions of uterine cervix and oral cavity application/pdf(8.73 KB)
9 Low Cost Point of Care Device for the Detection of Blood Glucose application/pdf(8.69 KB)
10 An herbal hypoglycemic compound for controlling diabetes. application/pdf(134.14 KB)


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