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E.g., 03/30/2023
Results / Shortlisted candidates
Sr. No. Title Notification Date Venue Document
11 Shortlisted candidates for the post of Project Technical Officer vide advt dated 24/02/2023 17/03/2023 ICMR Headquarters, New Delhi application/pdf(124.12 KB)
12 Result of the walk-in-interview held on March 4, 2023 for the post of Scientist C (Non medical; Nutrition) 16/03/2023 ICMR Headquarters, New Delhi application/pdf(266.37 KB)
13 Result of the interview held on 6th & 7th March, 2023 for the various project posts under SEAR RRP 16/03/2023 ICMR Headquarters, New Delhi application/pdf(313.75 KB)
14 Result of online interview for the posts of Lab Technician/X-ray Technician held on 16.02.2023, Junior Medical Officer, Field Assistant held on 17.02.2023 and Health Assistant held on 20.02.2023 16/03/2023 ICMR-NIP, New Delhi application/pdf(425.36 KB)
15 Result of walk in interview for the post of Project Consultant (Medical) vide advt no 143/projects/FEB/2023 13/03/2023 ICMR-NIN, Hyderabad application/pdf(358.96 KB)
16 Results of Walk-in-interview conducted on 27/02/2023 & 28/02/2023 against the Advt. no. 113/Projects/JAN/2023 dated 27/01/2023 10/03/2023 ICMR-NJIL&OMD, Agra application/pdf(777.51 KB)
17 Results of the walk-in-interview conducted on 21.2.2023 & 22.2.2023 vide advt no. Projects/JAN/DABS/110/2023 10/03/2023 ICMR-NIN, Hyderabad application/pdf(1.17 MB)
18 Results of the walk-in-interview conducted on 2.3.2023 vide advt no 139/Projects/JAN/2023 08/03/2023 ICMR-NIN, Hyderabad application/pdf(352.51 KB)
19 Results of walk in interviews conducted on 14.2.203 & 15.2.2023 vide advt no 112/Projects/JAN/2023 dated 27/01/2023 07/03/2023 NIN-Hyderabad application/pdf(1.16 MB)
20 List of shortlisted candidates for the post of Scientist I (Non Medical) vide advt no 5/7/1581-RBMH&CH dated 03.02.2023 07/03/2023 ICMR Headquarters, New Delhi application/pdf(293.37 KB)


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