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E.g., 06/07/2021
Results / Shortlisted candidates
Sr. No. Title Date Venue Document
1 List of shortlisted candidates for the posts of Project Research Associate (Medical) & Project Technician -III (Field Worker) vide Advt no 02/Projects/2021 12/05/2021 ICMR-NIN, Hyderabad (Online) application/pdf(520.93 KB)
2 List of shortlisted Candidates for second round of Ph.D interview to be held on 6th and 8th May 2021 ICMR-NIRRH, Mumbai (Online) application/pdf(253.5 KB)
3 Result of online Interview held on 22/04/2021 vide Advt no 06/Projects/2021 dated 15/03/2021 22/04/2021 ICMR-NIN, Hyderabad (Online) application/pdf(345.54 KB)
4 Result of online Interview held on 15/04/2021 vide Advt no 04/Projects/2021 dated 12/03/2021 15/04/2021 ICMR-NIN, Hyderabad (Online) application/pdf(354.23 KB)
5 List of shortlisted candidates for various posts vide Advt no 35/Projects/2020 dated 25/02/2021 (Online interview on 03-06 May, 2021) ICMR-NIN, Hyderabad (Online) application/pdf(1.78 MB)
6 List of Applications of the eligible candidates published vide advt no 05/Projects/2021 (Online interview on April 30, 2021) ICMR-NIN, Hyderabad application/pdf(943.44 KB)
7 Result of the Scientist C (Non Medical) Public Engagement and Scientist C (Non Medical) (IT Expert) 07/04/2021 ICMR-NIMR, New Delhi application/pdf(531.96 KB)
8 List of shortlisted candidates for the post of Project Assistant vide Advt no 06/Projects/2021 (online interview on April 22, 2021) ICMR-NIN, Hyderabad application/pdf(791.25 KB)
9 List of shortlisted candidates for the post of Senior Research Fellow (SRF) (Interview date: April 21, 2021) 23/03/2021 ICMR-NIIH, Mumbai application/pdf(731.32 KB)
10 Result for interview held on 09.04.2021 for Consultant Accounts ICMR-NIMR, New Delhi application/pdf(650.07 KB)


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