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Press Release
Sr. No. Title release date File
31 Press Release on "Fast Track Approval for Indian COVID-19 testing kits for commercial use" 23/03/2020 application/pdf(694.89 KB)
32 Press Release on "ICMR Initiated sentinel Surveillance to detect community transmission of COVID-19" 19/03/2020 application/pdf(868.37 KB)
33 Press release on "ICMR enables more laboratories to test for COVID-19 and revises the criteria for testing" 17/03/2020 application/pdf(457.67 KB)
34 Press Release on "India is the 5th Country Globally to isolate the COVID-19 Virus Strain" 13/03/2020 application/pdf(834.16 KB)
35 Press Release on "Suspected COVID-19 patient in West Bengal found negative" 09/03/2020 application/pdf(647.56 KB)
36 Press Release on "COVID-19 Laboratory Preparedness in India" 06/03/2020 application/pdf(858.61 KB)
37 Press Release on "Heart attack patient treated at doorstep" 12/02/2020 application/pdf(295.51 KB)
38 Press release on "Molecular assay TrueNat recommended as initial test for TB and MDR-TB" 16/01/2020 application/pdf(297.89 KB)
39 Lead Exposure can be a Risk Factor for Alzheimers Disease - ICMR - National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) Research 13/01/2020 application/pdf(121.44 KB)
40 Press Release on "Mission Delhi Extended to 78 sq km around AIIMS" 30/12/2019 application/pdf(322 KB)


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