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Press Release
Sr. No. Title release date File
1 ICMR released Third Volume of Standard Treatment Workflows to be utilized at various levels of Public Health Care 12/07/2022 application/pdf(568.33 KB)
2 ICMR Launched National Registry of Multiple Sclerosis and allied Demyelinating Disorders 11/07/2022 application/pdf(388.26 KB)
3 ICMR unveils ICMR-DHR-CoEs at 7 IITs for fostering Make-in-India product development in Medical Device and Diagnostics Sector 24/06/2022 application/pdf(403.14 KB)
4 ICMR-DHR establishes ''ICMR at IIT'' for fostering Medical Device and Diagnostics Innovation and Product Development in a Mission Mode under its Flagship Initiative Medical Device and Diagnostics Mission Secretariat (MDMS) 03/11/2021 application/pdf(470.99 KB)
5 Director General, ICMR releases Multilingual Dementia Research and Assessment Toolbox: MUDRA Toolbox 06/10/2021 application/pdf(577.46 KB)
6 ICMR and NACO study shows the successes of India's free Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) for HIV patients in India 15/09/2021 application/pdf(779.02 KB)
7 ICMR releases the "National Guidelines for Data Quality in Surveys" to improve data quality of demographic, health and nutrition surveys in India 28/07/2021 application/pdf(347.24 KB)
8 First comprehensive estimates of disease burden from neurological disorders and their trends in every state of India from 1990 to 2019 14/07/2021 application/pdf(1.03 MB)
9 North Eastern States of India have a high burden of Cancer according to a report released by ICMR-NCDIR 04/02/2021 application/pdf(394.83 KB)
10 Comprehensive estimates of disease burden attributable to air pollution and its economic impact in every state of India in 2019 22/12/2020 application/pdf(1.36 MB)


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