Medical Innovation

Medical Innovation Fund

ICMR is initiating a new scheme to accelerate medical innovation through which support shall be given to test and validate novel and highly creative ideas even if they have a high probability of failure. This scheme will be open to only council’s scientists for support. The experiments if proved rewarding based on initial experience the scope of the scheme will be enlarged by inviting joint proposals between ICMR laboratories on one hand and other scientific institutions or universities on the other.

The scheme

Council invites proposals from ICMR laboratories either individually or jointly with other ICMR institutes under the Medical Innovation Fund for support from ICMR. These proposals are meant for pursuing hitherto unreported, novel ideas having far reaching scientific and medical implications. The scheme is for individuals or a group of collaborating scientists and is non transferable .The scheme is intended to be carried out by ICMR institutes where basic infrastructure already exists. This scheme is not meant for institutional strengthening but for promoting institutional ideas. The scientist who has proposed the idea for pursuing shall be the principal investigator of the research proposal. A collaborator could be involved from the same or any other ICMR institute. The consent of the head of the institutes must be furnished along with the proposal.


The tenure of the project will be normally two years. However, it can be terminated earlier in case of slow progress. On the other hand the promising leads can be further supported.

Who Can Apply

Any permanent employee from the scientific cadre/faculty members from ICMR can submit an idea in the form of a proposal either alone or in partnership with another ICMR laboratory. Such joint proposals shall be forwarded through the main collaborating ICMR laboratory.

Procedure for applying

Ten copies of the research proposal in the prescribed format (Form A1 and Form A2) should be submitted to DG, ICMR, The application forms can be obtained from Chief BMS, ICMR, Ansari Nagar Post Box 4911, New Delhi or downloaded from ICMR website The application to be forwarded through concerned Head of the Institution duly certified that (i) the core facilities are available and will be provided to the investigator.(s) to work on the project and the (ii) The institute will discharge all its obligations particularly in respect of management of grants received as applicable for extramural projects.


Sanctioned projects are monitored on six monthly basis The progress report shall be submitted by the investigators by 1st March and 1st September every year. The PI’s are also required to present progress of research work before the Medical Innovation Committee for midterm correction.


Idea based funding in following areas:

  • New targets
  • New diagnostics
  • New diagnostic tools
  • Non invasive measuring device
  • New separation Techniques
  • Development of new evaluation protocols
  • New in vitro-in vivo methods

Procedure to be adopted

  • Proposal for concept proof to be prepared for a duration of 2-3years
  • It should be commercializable within 4-6 years
  • It should have relevance to the industry in relatively short time.
  • Once concept has been proven a full project can be submitted to any of the funding agency.
  • Projects are typically for testing these ideas within fund of Rs 10,00,000/- each.
  • If the idea is successful and results in international patent and protected, a personal award of Rs 20,000 / to 1 lakh can be given.

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