Title Date of Circularsort descending Document
Regarding mileage earned through air travel 26/09/2008 application/pdf(378.71 KB)
Raising the age of superannuation of ICMR Scientists 31/10/2008 application/pdf(250.05 KB)
Guidelines related to LTC Clarifications as per recommendations of the 6th CPC. 04/12/2008 application/pdf(444.13 KB)
Air Travel on official account - both domestic and international 21/07/2009 application/pdf(765.82 KB)
OLD : Revision of consolidated salary of Scientific Staff engaged in ad hoc schemes/projects of ICMR 04/08/2009 application/pdf(1.28 MB)
Revised pay scales for Official Language posts in ICMR - modification reg. 20/08/2009 application/pdf(463.46 KB)
Economy Instuctions 06/09/2009 application/pdf(616.39 KB)
Posting of husband and wife at the same section 30/09/2009 application/pdf(943.75 KB)
Fixation of pay in case of employees wo seek transfer to a lower post under FR 15(a) - clarification regarding 21/10/2009 application/pdf(447.35 KB)
Withdrawl of cases from prosecution under Section 321 of Cr.PC. 1973-reg 23/10/2009 application/pdf(501.85 KB)
Direct representations of officals to Secretary/JS DOP&T - CCS Conduct Rules - regarding 28/10/2009 application/pdf(474.82 KB)
Children Education Allowance/Hostel Subsidy-Clarification 13/11/2009 application/pdf(482.18 KB)
Grant of the pay structure of grade pay of Rs. 4600 in the pay band PB-2 to Assistants and personal assistants of Central Secretariat Service, Armed Forces Headquarters Service, Indian Foreign Service B and Railway Board Secretariat Service 16/11/2009 application/pdf(321.37 KB)
Recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission relating to encashment ofe in respect of Central Government employees 16/11/2009 application/pdf(683.32 KB)
Encashment of earned leave alongwith LTC- Clarification 24/11/2009 application/pdf(351.82 KB)
Appointment of part-time Chief Vigilance Officer in the Department of Science & Technology 25/11/2009 application/pdf(334.78 KB)
LTC to Central Government Employees - Travel by tour packages by IRCTC 02/12/2009 application/pdf(335.03 KB)
Implementation of Governments decision on the recommendations of the VIth CPC - revision of CCS (Extraordinary Pension ) Rules 1939 - Constant Attendant Allowance 07/12/2009 application/pdf(85.83 KB)
Procedure for antecedent verification of candidates from private sector/State PSUs for Board level position in Central PSUs 08/12/2009 application/pdf(327.03 KB)
Implementation of Government decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission regarding revision of pension of pensioners/family pensioners etc - Grant of full pension to Government servants who retired on or after 1.1.2006 10/12/2009 application/pdf(542.36 KB)
Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme for Scientists based on the recommendations of the 6th CPC 10/12/2009 application/pdf(4.38 MB)
Review of Scheme for Compassionate Appointment in the light of the 6th Pay Commission recommendations 11/12/2009 application/pdf(486.78 KB)
Amendment to Rule 12 of GPF(CS)Rules, 1960-Issue of Notification dated 22nd September 2009 published in the Gazette of India on 3rd October 2009- regarding 14/12/2009 application/pdf(806.57 KB)
Air Travel on offical account-both domestic and international 15/12/2009 application/pdf(398.68 KB)
Sixth Central Pay Commissions recommendations-amendment of Service Rules - regarding 15/12/2009 application/pdf(421.23 KB)
Grant of the pay structure of grade pay of Rs. 4600 in the pay band PB-2 to Assistants of Central Secretariat Service 21/12/2009 application/pdf(371.54 KB)
Targeted attacks on Government organizations through malicious emails 24/12/2009 application/pdf(462.47 KB)
Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme-1980 - Tables of Benefits for the savings fund for the period from 1.1.2010 to 31.12.2010 29/12/2009 application/pdf(996.9 KB)
Incentives of AIS offcers serving in the NE cadre-Health care,regarding 04/01/2010 application/pdf(2.29 MB)
Notification 06/01/2010 application/pdf(321.37 KB)
Filling up of posts in Autonomous Bodies - placing the advertisement on DoPT website 23/02/2010 application/pdf(306.82 KB)
General Circulars issued by Central Ministries concerning various developmental activities 03/03/2010 application/pdf(371.54 KB)
Reservation for SCs, STs and OBCs in autonomous bodies/ institutions etc 09/03/2010 application/pdf(985.65 KB)
Letter from Gujar Mal Modi Science Foundation 09/03/2010 application/pdf(656.85 KB)
Revision of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension in respect of Government sevants who had drawn lumpsum payment on absorption in Public Sector Undertaking/autonomous Bodies - Implementation of Government decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central 09/03/2010 application/pdf(655.9 KB)
Relaxation in age for Direct Recruitment for Scientists working in long term projects of ICMR Institutes/ Centres 10/03/2010 application/pdf(322.1 KB)
Regulation of Journeys by private airlines while availing Leave Travel Concession 11/03/2010 application/pdf(85.83 KB)
Revision of the Proforma for sending dereservation proposals 15/03/2010 application/pdf(2.79 MB)
Encashment of 10 days earned leave along with LTC by Re-Employed pensioners - Clarification Regarding 19/03/2010 application/pdf(590.87 KB)
Implementation of Government decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission - Child Care leave waiving of age restriction of 18 years for Government servant having mentally chanllenged/disabled children 19/03/2010 application/pdf(1.21 MB)
Monitoring of Processig of Tribunals/Courts cases as ordered by the Ministry of Finance - Monthly Report Regarding 22/03/2010 application/pdf(1.39 MB)
Reconstitution of the Space Commission 24/03/2010 application/pdf(260.52 KB)
Revision of emoluments and revised guidelines on other service conditions for research personnel employed in R&D programmes 31/03/2010 application/pdf(836.27 KB)
Payment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government Employees- Revised Rates effective from 1.1.2010 09/04/2010 application/pdf(847.78 KB)
OLD :Declaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2010 - Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 09/04/2010 application/pdf(336.87 KB)
Filling up of the faculty post of Deputy Director (Financial Management) on deputation basis in the ISTM, New Delhi 09/04/2010 application/pdf(4.45 MB)
Nomination for Price Mohidol Award 2010 12/04/2010 application/pdf(4.54 MB)
Assignment of status to Chairman and Members, the Competition Commission of India;the Competition Appellate Tribunal of India 04/05/2010 application/pdf(301.85 KB)
CCS(LTC) Rules, 1998 - Relaxation for travel by air to visit NER 04/05/2010 application/pdf(639.96 KB)
Assignment of the status of Union Minister of State to Dr. H.T. Sangliana, Vice Chairman, National Commission for minorities 04/05/2010 application/pdf(521.08 KB)


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