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ICMR being a premier research agency for formulation, coordination and promotion of Biomedical Research in the country is also engaged in promoting critical mass of human resources as well as fostering research temperament amongst medical graduates. Amongst its several Human Resource Development Programmes, the Council is pursuing Postgraduate programmes through recognized medical institution.

This scheme is primarily aimed at promoting good quality research in medical college’s students pursuing post graduation courses as well as to improve visibility and accessibility of their research work to larger research audience. The Council through the financial assistance to medical graduates ensures procuring an electronic and hard copy of MD/MS/DM/MCh/MDS dissertation/thesis, which is to be displayed in its library as well as salient highlights posted on its website. The highlights of scheme are as follows:

  1. The Council will provide financial assistance of Rs 50,000/- to selected candidates pursuing postgraduate courses (MD/MS/DM/MCh/MDS).
  2. Number of awards: Limited to 100 per year (No. of Awards for MDS course is limited to 10%).
  3. Eligibility: Medical graduates who are admitted to the Post-graduation course (MCI /DCI recognized) in Institute/ College and who wish to avail ICMR award/financial assistance for pursuing their research project.
  4. Upper age limit: 45 years of age.
  5. Duration of fellowship:  Three and half years from the date of issue of Award letter.
  6. The Amount will be released after submission of the UNDERTAKING AS WELL AS THE MANDATE form (format enclosed) WITHIN SIX WEEKS for receiving e-payment along with a photocopy of cancelled cheque for purpose of verification of the concerned bank account where money is to remitted.


  • From now onwards, the research topics should mainly aim and focus on the following thrust areas of ICMR major programs:
    1. Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR),
    2. Tuberculosis,
    3. HIV/AIDS,
    4. Malaria,
    5. Diabetes &
    6. Maternal and Child health.
  • Priority will be given to the applications with research proposals on the above mentioned topics, research outcomes of which can be used for translating them into tangible products useful for the society and country.
  • Applicable for 30th June 2018 applications and onwards.

1.1     The scheme would be widely publicized though circulars to the medical institutions across the country and ICMR website twice a calendar year.

1.2     Candidates must apply within 12 months of registration for the course (MD/MS/DM/MCh/MDS).

1.3     The application should be routed through their guide and the head of the institution.

1.4     The candidate and the guide will indicate their choice of the research topic and will give a brief description of the objectives, methodology, design of the study, expected outcome, up-to-date literature search, ethical considerations and facilities available at the institute for conducting the study as per the proposed protocol and an undertaking by Head of the Institute that the candidate will be permitted to undertake the proposed research activity. The candidate should submit 6 copies of the detailed research proposal to ICMR.

1.5     Selection would be made on the basis of merit. Objective scoring would be used to assess the applications with respect to:

(i) Innovativeness, relevance of work, application of research) etc.

(ii) In the event of a candidate leave the proposed course/ scheme in the first year, the whole amount received by the candidate till date will be remitted to Council with suitable justification.

1.6      The application for financial assistance should include, curriculum vitae of the candidate, description of the proposed research activity (1000 words) and a honest statement of the candidate about his/her dedication to the area of proposed research.

1.7     Selection will be done by an expert committee duly constituted for this purpose.

2.  Financial Support:

2.1 The Council would provide a total financial support of Rs. 50,000/- to the selected candidates on the condition that the candidate would provide following documents to the Council. An undertaking to the effect that the funds received from the Council will be used strictly for the purpose for which it has been released and;

In the event of leaving this scheme the whole amount will be remitted to the Council with suitable justification:

  1. A copy of the thesis submitted to University/Institute as a part of the postgraduate programme will be submitted to the Council.
  2. An electronic copy of the thesis.
  3. A short summary containing outline the objectives, methodology, findings and discussion of the research work.
  4. A soft and hard copy of the research publications done out of thesis/dissertation.

2.2 The financial assistance of Rs. 50,000/- would be provided in two installments

2.3 The 1st installments Rs. 30,000/- will be released to the selected candidates after receiving copy of undertaking and Mandate from.

2.4 The 2nd installments Rs. 20,000/- will be released after receiving copy of thesis and at least one publication in a peer review journal. The grant will be released at the end of the course on production on documents listed at 2.1.

2.3. The grant shall be issued in the name of the candidate directly with a copy to the Guide and the Head of the Institute.

2.4. The amount will be used by the candidate for pursuance of research and may use the funds for purchase of reagents, preparation of thesis, secretarial assistance or any other activity connected with the research project following fair and reasonable procedure.

2.5. The candidate shall submit the information to the Council regarding the manner in which the funds were utilized duly signed by the Supervisor and Head of the Institute/College.

2.6 The preparation and submission of thesis will be the responsibility of the student and his guide. The candidate will acknowledge the financial assistance provided by ICMR for any publication emerging out of the thesis.

2.7 The candidate should submit documents listed in item No. 2.1 within three months of submission of thesis to the intuition/organization failing which, the award will be treated cancelled and all financial assistance provided will be reimbursed to the DG, ICMR.


i. Selection of the candidates is done at the sole discretion of the Council.

ii. The scheme can be withdrawn at any time.

iii. This scheme is not linked with any other research capacity building schemes under which the students are in receipt of stipend etc.

Application duly filled by the candidates in prescribed format forwarded by the Guide and certified by Dean/Principal may be sent twice in a calendar year i.e. before 30th June or 31st December.

Where to Apply:

Application duly filled in the prescribed format and complete in all a respect should be sent to:

The Director General
Attention: Dr. N.C. Jain,

Scientist-G & Head,
Division of Human Resource Planning and Development,
Indian Council of Medical Research,
V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan,
Ansari Nagar, New Delhi - 110029

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