Abuja Meeting

Consultation meeting ICMR-AUSTRC at Abuja, Nigeria
5-6  April,2018

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A consultation meeting at  Headquarters of AU Scientific Technical Research Commission (STRC) at Abuja, Nigeria was held to discuss and formalize the partnership between ICMR and AU.


Indian side

Dr. Harpreet Sandhu           ICMR
Dr.Rajat Goyal                     IAVI
Mr.Subhash Chand              Deputy High Commissioner, High Commission of India, Abuja

African side

Dr. Eng. Ahmed Hamdy       AU-STRC
Dr.Kyari Mohammed            AU-STRC
Mme. Marie Johnson           AU-STRC

The process and modalities to implement the activities under the partnership were discussed. The governance and management of the MoU to be signed was also discussed amongst the AU-STRC and ICMR team.

The training and capacity building opportunities for African researchers, health professionals including the virtual / online courses which could be offered by Indian side were discussed. The action plan for undertaking health research collaborative projects under the India Africa Health Partnership was also discussed. The proposal of holding workshops to train the African regulators for awareness on regulatory practices, intellectual property right policy and clinical trial harmonization etc. was also discussed.

The Indian team also visited the office of High Commissioner of India to Nigeria. The High Commissioner was briefed about the progress made during the meeting with AU-STRC and constructive inputs were given by the High Commissioner towards implementation of the activities under the India Africa Health Sciences Partnership.

Positive discussions were held towards the implementation of research activities of mutual interest, training and capacity building initiatives and sharing of knowledge to strengthen the India Africa cooperation in the area of Health Research. A number of steps to take forward the India Africa Health Partnership were delineated.



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